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what is share your shave?

On this site hunderds of men share their shave with you for a good and worthy cause: the Villa Pardoes charity, a holiday resort in The Netherlands for children with life threatening diseases. The sites concept is unique on the internet and has two goals:
• to show that the shaving moment is special
• generate money for charity

shaving is special
Shaving seems like an ordinary daily activity and even though you know someone for many years, you are unlikely to have seen him shave. You will not have seen him at this most personal and intimate of moments. And that is the link to the Villa Pardoes charity: the personal site of life.

fundraising for charity
Donations are directly transfered by the sites visitors to the Villa Pardoes charity. Therefore the organisation of the site is just a promotor for the charity and does not receive money itself.

The site is founded in January 2006 and has been seen by more than 500.000 unique visitors. Monthly it is visited by 3000 to 4000 people and currently there are over 2000 shaving pictures in total.

Sometimes people think that images can be sold and that the money goes to the [an error occurred while processing this directive]. That is not true. The money for charity is raised by the sites visitors, who transfer their donations directly to the bank account of the Villa Pardoes charity. So pictures will not be sold! By posing the models contribute to the continuity of the website and their pictures are just meant for publication on this site.

You can support the shaving project in three ways:
mail your own shaving image(s)
donate directly to the charity
promote this website

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Questions? Please mail to info@shareyourshave.com.