While shaving your beard in the retro bathroom pictures will be taken. Shaving means wet shaving with foam and razor. It is also possible to do a photo shoot while you only trim your beard. The upper part of your knickers will be visible in the pictures when standing in front of the mirror, so wear your best ones! Of course you will come to the photo shoot unshaved.

The appointment for the shoot will made individually with each model, so there will always be a moment which suite well for both model and photographer. Usually the shoot takes place during the weekend, however sometimes on weekdays as well. The moment of day will always be in the afternoon or early evening; time span is two to three hours approximately.

The shoot takes place in the city of Breda in The Nethr­lands, at the orange retro seventies bathroom.

It is allowed to bring someone with you to the shoot: one person is permitted. Because it is important for both model and photographer to concentrate during the shoot, by prefer the model comes alone. How­ever, if you feel more comfortable with accompaniment... please bring someone with you! Let us know when you bring someone with you to the shoot.

There are no expenses for the photo shoot, so it is totally free.

The shoot is based on TFP (Time For Print/Portfolio): so you will not get a financial compensation, but the best images are available digitally within four weeks of the dates shoot.

Unfortunately it is not possible to compensate your travelling costs. The site is completely runned by volunteers and there is simply no budget.

If you change your mind after registration, you can cancel the shoot. In case you are ill or not feeling well on the day of the shoot, it is better to make a new appointment. After all, posing should be fun and besides that it will effect the images. Of course you can also move the appointment for other reasons. Please inform by phone, mail or use the webform book out.

The copy­right of all taken images stays with the initiator of this site, buth with declaration of " shareyourshave.com" or " scherende­heren.net", it is permitted to publish your images on non commercial base. About 80 to 120 digital images are made, from which a selec­tion will be published on this site.

All agreements will be filed in a contract by letter. You will get this agreement in advance by mail, so you can read it thoroughly. There will be two copies on the day of the shoot to be signed by both parties.


On the day of the shoot you must identify yourself, so please bring your valid identification card or passport with you.

If you did not have reached the age of 18 yet, you will need written permission from your legal representative. In most cases this will be your mother or father. Your legal representative must come along with you and has to sign an additional agreement on the day of the shoot.

It is no problem if you have minor growth of beard: in that case you can also register for the photo shoot. Even if you have no growth of beard at all, you can participate. During the shoot you pretend sha­ving: you will remove the foam with a fake razor.

It is not only fun to participate in this project, you also support charity: by posing you contribute to the continuity of this website. Your images are published on this site only and they will not be sold. The money for charity is raised by the sites visitors, who transfer their donations directly to the bank account of the Villa Pardoes charity!

Click here to request a photo shoot. Thank you very much!

Thank you for your interest
to pose for this site.