participate for charity

You can support the project in three different ways: you can mail your own shaving image(s), donate directly to the Villa Pardoes charity or promote the website.

1.  mail shaving image(s)
You can support the project by mailing your own shaving images. Please only send high-resolution pictures (at least 1200 x 1200 pixels), with a minimum of eight photos. Your pictures will be reviewed and may be added to the menu photo series.

tips for a good shave shoot
1. keep the mouth free of shaving soap and obstacles
2. for some images, look (via a mirror) into the camera
3. vary camera position

Mail your own shaving image to:

2.  donate
You can make a donation directly to the bank account of the charity for which the men shave their beards.

Villa Pardoes charity, The Netherlands:
• IBAN NL35RABO0300224028
• description: "scherende heren 2024"

Thank you very much!

3.  promote website
Do you like this site? Please tell your friends about it! Or please promote it on your own social network sites.

You can also insert a banner on your own website to promote It is easy:
• choose a banner
• click button 'select below html code'
• right click, select 'copy' (IE users skip this step)
• paste the code somewhere between the <body> and
  </body> tags on your own webpage

That's all!

size 150 x 80 pixels

size 230 x 120 pixels

size 150 x 45 pixels

size 230 x 70 pixels

size 150 x 45 pixels

size 230 x 70 pixels

size 150 x 85 pixels

size 230 x 135 pixels

Please mail to, if you have any question.